June 26th - Soule's Chapel

Last month's planned visit of this old mysterious cemetery and burned down chapel got rained out, will it tonight or will the investigation go on as planned. I wasn't sure it would, upon checking the radar on the internet at 7:25pm the rain, the storm was in Louisville and heading this way, I figured no one would want to go. But at 7:35, people showed up at my house wanting to go, so we went. We was expecting from anywhere from 2 people to like 12, so I wasn't sure how many would actually go, but it ended up being 6. Those 6 people was myself, Teri Keiter, Becky Young, Sabrina McGuire, Jeff Miracle and Dylan Dooley (my son). 

I don't know, if you know about Soule's Chapel, but it is an old cemetery with a burned down small church. There is a long history with the church and the cemetery, I am not going to go into that, because I am not sure what is truth and what is made up. I will provide links to read about what others have posted about what is suppose to be true. Sometimes, I think people get carried away with a certain place and other the years the history of a place gets tainted. Waverly Hills is a good example, I don't think 60 something thousand people died there, more like 6000. But anyway this place has a history, also many other paranormal groups have had good experiences there. The chapel is no longer there, it was burnt by two teenagers in 2005.  The place is located right off of highway 80 and just outside of Somerset. This place is in our backyard and with all that is listed above, you can see why we wanted to go.

We got there at 8:30pm, exactly the time we wanted to get there, before it got dark, so we would have time to set up and look around before it got too dark. When we first got there we saw what probably is the scariest thing I have seen so far, ghost hunting. There was a tree, an old hollowed dead tree, that was full of bees, I mean full, you could see say 20 to 40 flying around the tree and in the front opening of this tree, nothing but bees. Anyway, we looked around and got a good feel of the place for about 15 minutes and stayed away from the tree, which was kind of in the middle of the place. We then started setting up the equipment, which was basically a couple of camcorders and fold out chairs, I did have a new tripod for a camcorder and this worked really well. We also put an audio recorder on the steps of the chapel and as always I was wearing one and recorded audio the whole time. 

We was ready to go at 9pm, but it still wasn't dark enough yet. We waited around until 9:15 and started taking pictures, We then done an EMF sweep, no readings. Took more pictures and started doing EVP work, then the wind started to pick up and the lightning started to pick up in the background. After then wind started to get rough, I am talking really rough, we decided to break it down. So we put up the camcorders, chairs, audio recorder, etc. and at 10pm the rain came. I was able to do a little bit of EVP work before it did start to rain, however.

We sat in the van, waiting for the rain to clear, checking the radar, to see how long the rain would last. It did look like it would just blow over and then be gone, so we was going to wait. It let up enough finally at 10:30pm for me to go outside, no one else wanted to, it was still sprinkling a little, some more people came out a little later. I did some more EVP work, no EMF readings or responses, but the rain came back at 10:45 and forced me back into the van. We decided to go get something to eat in Somerset and hopefully by the time we came back, the rain would be gone.

We got back at 11:30 and had a little rain, but by the radar from the phone, the rain was on its way out and it wasn't raining in Somerset. We set everything back up (except the camcorders) and got back to work. More picture taking and after that Becky and I split up and done some separate EVP work. She stayed at the steps and I went to center of the cemetery where the double blocked up graves are, if you have been there you probably know what I am talking about. I got no response or nothing from the EMF meter so I went back to the steps after say 20 minutes of not getting anything.

At the steps, Becky and I decided to do a joint EVP session. One reason behind this was, Becky and I have basically the same audio recorder, I was recording in conference mode and she was recording in diction mode, I was curious on which mode would be better to record EVPs with. So we figured if we both got an EVP, then we could tell which mode has the better quality and so on and help us decide which mode to use the next time and which one would yield better results. We did the EVP questioning for about 15 minutes and I noticed I had only 10 minutes left of audio recording. For some reason at the start, I only had 2 hours 20 minutes of audio recording, instead of 4 hours 20 minutes I should have had, just me guessing I'd say the Bardstown trip was still in there even though I deleted it. Well it's time to get a new audio recorder, I'd say, but hopefully I'll get my 4 hours back on it. Well we quit the joint EVP questions and I venture onto where the church used to be, anybody who has been there know this is hard to do, it's grown up, tons of trash, rocks, burnt wood, an old foundation of rocks in the way, etc. make this area inaccessible. But in the back I seen an opening and a place to stand by an old pillar of stone used to hold up the floor joists. I stand there and use up the remainder 10 minutes, asking more questions, as I wanted to do some EVP work where the church used to be from the beginning.

Now the EVPing is over for me, no more audio recording left, so I decide to take pictures.  I use my digital camera, taking pictures everywhere until my camera dies, I knew the battery was almost gone, but I probably got 10 minutes of picture taking.  Well, I go get the camcorder and finish the night recording with it.  I was hoping the place was real get spooky after midnight, but it really wasn't the case.  We decided to wrap it up at around 12:35, as everyone else was ready to leave.  The grass was really wet from the rain and no one was really getting any good vibes or proof of paranormal activity.

Well there it is.  We finally got to go and even though it rained, we got a fairly decent half night of investigating done.  I am dying to go over the audio for EVPs and will hopefully get those posted soon.  I could see us going back some time soon due to the close proximity of the place.

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